How Stressed are You?

I dislike conflict and try to avoid it

I normally get a good night's sleep

I feel that I am under pressure

I do not have a care in the world

I take plenty of physical exercise

I'm good at seeing things through

I can lose my temper easily

I get real fulfillment from what I do in my spare time

I often spend time thinking and analyzing instead of doing

I can feel uncomfortable meeting new people

My Work Life Balance is 'not so bad'

Sometimes my reactions make matters worse



How Stress Works!

Your mind is designed for stress - your brain is wired for it. The stress response is the most automated and fundamental human response. It was designed to save our lives, in the heat of the moment. It is a key survival mechanism.

Or it was… when we ran the risk of being eaten alive by a wild beast as we hunted for tonight’s dinner!

Nowadays, stress is a slow and silent killer. The World Health Organization warns that stress will be the root cause of more deaths in the developed world in the 21st century than anything else.

Stress increases your heart rate and blood pressure. Stress accelerates the production of fatty cholesterol. Stress suppresses the digestive and immune systems. Three quarters of people suffer from low level background stress on a daily basis. And that’s what makes it a slow and silent killer.

Modern cognitive psychology and neuroscience confirms that we can rid our lives of stress by learning to focus - that’s the key idea that underpins Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction Therapy.

MBSR’s mental exercises slow your heart rate and reduce your blood pressure. They reverse the build-up of fatty cholesterol and enhance immune and digestive system function.

And that’s why you need to learn to focus. Because, when you learn to focus everything becomes so much easier. You won’t even need to manage stress anymore.


Taking the Test

By taking a moment to check in, to measure your focus, you become aware. And, when you’re aware, you’re focused. Focus is about being fully aware of the moment. Your brain is not designed to focus but you can learn how to focus starting right now. Take the test and get going…

There are 12 statements opposite, which you should score 1 to 5 - where:

1 = I completely disagree with this statement

2 = I disagree with this statement to a certain extent

3 = I neither agree nor disagree

4 = I agree with the statement, though not fully

5 = I completely agree with this statement


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