Measure Your Focus

Ideas often strike me 'out of the blue'

I have lots of projects on the go

I often feel that time flies when I am engrossed in what I am doing

I hear what my body is telling me

Sometimes I get important things done with a lot less effort than I would have thought

I look forward to the weekend

When I clear my mind I feel alive

When I do things on a whim they generally turn out badly

I feel good that I am achieving my objectives

I regularly experience periods when everything that I touch simply works

I like doing nothing

I am often so immersed in what I'm doing that I forget my cares and worries



Understanding Proper Focus

Your mind is designed to focus on only one thing - survival. Your ability to focus is safeguarded for any situation that might threaten your survival. That means you cannot focus on doing just what you need to do to achieve all your other goals and objectives.

Your inability to focus means that you are easily distracted and sidetracked. It is the root cause of worry, anxiety, stress and depression. It facilitates self-limiting beliefs and self-sabotage. And it impedes your efforts to bring about the change you actually want.

You must learn to focus. To focus is to pay attention to the task in hand in the here and now. That means you need to develop your ability to pay attention… pure and simple.

Once you learn to focus in the here and now everything changes because you see everything free of the self-limiting thoughts that cloud your perspective. You see yourself differently - so issues like self-esteem and self-confidence become non-issues.

And focus enables you just do what you need to do to get to where you want to go in life. Focus is the enabler that will enable you change your life.

So, when you take the focus test, even if you’re currently “all over the place”, simply taking the test tunes you in and opens your mind to take the right steps forward.


Taking the Test

By taking a moment to check in, to measure your focus, you become aware. And, when you’re aware, you’re focused. Focus is about being fully aware of the moment. Your brain is not designed to focus but you can learn how to focus starting right now. Take the test and get going…

There are 12 statements opposite, which you should score 1 to 5 - where:

1 = I completely disagree with this statement

2 = I disagree with this statement to a certain extent

3 = I neither agree nor disagree

4 = I agree with the statement, though not fully

5 = I completely agree with this statement


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